How Many Nursing CEUs Do RNs Need to Renew Their License?

An RN license is a requirement from the state, which communicates to the public that you are competent. Each license will have an expiration date, which is generally two years after the issued date. One of the main requirements to renovate your license are nursing CEUs. Learn about the requirements—and keep tabs on them—to maintain an active status and not jeopardize your nursing career. 

When do I need to renew my Registered Nurse (RN) License?

Your employer will require a license renewal, as will the State Board of Nursing. If you do not renew your licensure, you will be unable to continue practicing nursing. If you continue to practice without this accreditation, you will be liable for punishment. You could face fines, probation, suspension from your employer, and even legal disciplinary actions from the state.

Why do I need to renew my RN license?

The study of medicine is continually advancing. Medical procedures, treatment, and methods of care are improved based on this new science. To learn these enhanced methods, nurses must continue to learn throughout their careers. A nurse can be subjected to Continuing Education Units (CEUS) through their employer or state RN license renewal process. Renewals guarantee that the public is being treated with the most modern, advantageous methods. When applying for a position, make sure to inquire about the CEU requirements.

What are the Continuing Education Units for my state?

Every state is responsible for its standard of CEUs for nursing, which means that some states can choose not to require CEUs at all.  To find out the nursing CEUs for your particular region, you can visit your State Board of Nursing website. 

In Pennsylvania, RNs are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect. Therefore, to renew your license, you must complete an accredited program on identifying and responding to child abuse. It’s crucial to complete this course well before the expiration date of your license. The certified program needs time to review and send your CEUs to the State Board of Nursing. 

What happens if I don’t complete CEUs?

If you do not finalize and submit the CEUs before the expiration date, your license will lapse. This means that your license will move to an inactive or delinquent status. If you have communicated with the State Board of Nursing that you plan not to renew, your status will become inactive. If you forget or are late in submitting the renewal, then your status will become delinquent.

Are the CEUs different for an Inactive or Delinquent RN License?

The answer is yes and no. If your license lapsed less than five years ago, you can file a renewal application with the same CEUs as a traditional renewal. 

If your license has been inactive or delinquent for longer than five years, your CEUs might look slightly different. You will still be able to reactivate your license easily by showing proof of competency. This means that you will be responsible for passing the national licensure exam again. Whether you choose to take an approved reactivation course is your choice. If you have been working in another state, verifying your employment is an alternative to taking the required CEUs.

How can I find a nursing job after completing my RN license renewal?

The outlook for job security in the nursing realm is remarkable. That means that you do not need to settle for just any nursing job, because a perfectly compatible position is out there. CynaMed will help match you with a responsible client based on your availability, experience, and skill set. Contact us to start a new exciting nursing career today.


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