What Are The Least Stressful Jobs for Registered Nurses?

There is no doubt that a registered nurse (RN) has a rewarding career. You get to care for patients, make sure their health improves, and make a positive impact on another person’s life. Additionally, the market for registered nursing jobs has been steadily increasing and registered nurses also have high job security. Registered nurses have many responsibilities and enjoy a fulfilling career. 

Most RN jobs do come with occasional stress. It is a fast-paced occupation that generally requires you to stay alert for whatever happens. The hours can also be long at times. There are certain registered nursing jobs that are less hectic than others though. 

School Nurse

This job is great for a RN that enjoys being around children. The hours and vacation time also allow the RN to get adequate rest. An RN at a school or camp typically provides basic care to young children. Usually only one trustworthy RN is hired to be a school nurse. Making sure a child takes medication is a big responsibility of a school RN. 

Nurse Educator

Becoming a nurse educator is a low-stress option for experienced RNs. A nurse educator should have a few years of experience under his or her belt, so this is a job you have to earn over time. The main responsibility is training aspiring nurses and helping them advance in their career. 

Nurse Researcher

Registered nurse researchers usually work in labs at universities and research facilities. They normally have no patients to tend to, so this is an out of the ordinary nursing job. However, it is just as rewarding as any other RN job because of the impact they have on the healthcare industry. A nurse researcher’s primary goal is studying diseases and treatments and how to advocate healthy lifestyles. 

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