Why Are Communication Skills So Important in Nursing? 

You need several important qualifications to become a nurse. First, you need to complete the proper education, like a Bachelor’s in Nursing or a Vocational Nursing program. You’ll also need specific skills, including readiness to learn, the ability to cope with stress, and detailed-oriented thinking–even during long shifts. 

However, communication skills are also essential to work in nursing roles. There are several reasons why nurses need to be excellent communicators.

Patient Interaction

As a nurse, you’ll likely spend more time with patients than anyone else in your clinic or facility. You’ll be communicating with patients in several ways. First, you’ll explain the healthcare process to each patient. What’s happening next? When can they rest? When can they go home? Offer clear answers to patients’ questions, but stay courteous.

You’ll also need to communicate to get answers from patients. When was their last meal? How often do they drink alcohol? You may even have to broach sensitive topics, like sexual history, in a way that makes patients feel less tense.

Customer Service

Good communication isn’t just about getting the information you need. It’s about offering good customer service. Patients will usually decide beforehand which clinic or even hospital they’ll visit. You represent your healthcare institution, so when you interact with patients, do so with politeness and a good attitude.

Remember that most communication is non-verbal. Have an open and positive demeanor when working with patients. Make them feel comfortable asking questions or voicing their fears. If you need to touch them in any way, do so calmly and in a caring way to reduce discomfort.

Communication with Colleagues 

You and your coworkers will all be very busy people. As a nurse, you need to be able to pass on vital information quickly and clearly–especially to physicians. In an emergency, concise but direct communication can save someone’s life. You may even need good written communication skills in nursing jobs to write patient records or pass on important messages to your colleagues.

These are just some of the many ways in which good communication makes nurses successful in their roles. For more advice and tools to be a successful nurse, reach out to CynaMed. At CynaMed, we can connect you with education resources, jobs in nursing, and much more.

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