How To Avoid Nurse Burnout During the Holiday Season

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As a nurse, your patients need care 24/7, and often that means that you will be working on the holiday. Spending the holidays at work can add stress to an already stressful situation. Let’s discuss holiday burnout and tips to pull yourself out of it.

What is Nurse Burnout? 

Nurse burnout happens when you become overwhelmed by stress at work. This can give you reduced energy, lack of motivation, and feelings of frustration. Burnout means precisely what it sounds like. Your flame for your career is gone. Experts agree that there are many symptoms, and not all nurses will experience the same symptoms. 

Symptoms of burnout in nursing will have you feeling emotionally exhausted, which might make you consider leaving your nursing position. Nursing burnout stems from being overworked and overstimulated, and it hits caregivers’ careers harder. 

Healthcare settings are typically high-stress environments. If you add on long hours and challenging patients, your emotional wellness might take a hit. It’s critical to evaluate your mental health regularly, especially during the holidays. 

To provide the best quality of care for your patients, you must be of sound body and mind. Your mental health matters for your overall happiness and your patients’ care. Nurses suffering from burnout can have devastating effects on their residents. Studies show that patients are more likely to be unhappy when the nursing staff is experiencing burnout. You are also more likely to drop the ball on catching changes in your patient’s health or physician’s mistakes. Nurses tend to be more distracted and unable to respond quickly during emergencies if they are emotionally exhausted. Luckily, there are tips and tricks to avoid burnout during the holidays. Let’s take a look.

Spread Joy

If you must work during a holiday to care for your patients, remember that they cannot celebrate the holiday either. Your patients are away from their loved ones, too. And honestly, their circumstances are a little more grave. They are unable to leave the confines of a healthcare facility. You can go home to your family after a long shift.

So, knowing that you are not the only one unhappy about your holiday situation will help you feel less alone. What better way to turn around your own feelings than to brighten someone else’s day. Make your patients feel at home by showering them with holiday cheer. Utilize your time on breaks to create decorations as a creative outlet. Showing others joy will help you feel better and avoid nursing burnout.

Don’t Overspend

You might want to overcompensate missing family holidays by spending more money on presents. Don’t do it. Stick to a budget and don’t allow yourself to mindlessly shop. This can lead to more feelings of guilt and stress. Right now, you are tackling the stress of being away from your family. Avoid adding any additional stresses. 

This means that you do not need to overspend your time or energy. If you need to say “no” to an outing on your night off, then do not feel guilty. Set boundaries with family and friends to ensure that you are not overstimulated. Experts suggest more sleep and self-care during stressful holiday seasons. Make time for yourself. Don’t overindulge or allow yourself to avoid your self-care routine. 

Plan Around Holiday Burnout

Working the holidays is just generally what comes with the territory of being a nurse. If you are capable of taking time off, do it. You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking breaks for your mental health.

To conclude, by understanding the causes and a few simple coping strategies, you are on your way to avoiding holiday burnout. Cynamed strives to provide nurses with the resources they need to have fulfilling careers while offering high-quality care. Take control of your wellbeing or begin an exciting career in the medical field today with CynaMed

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