CNA Certification Expired or Needs Renewal in 2022? Let’s Get Back on Track!

CNAs are important members of any healthcare team. Their direct line with patients and residents provides care that values client safety, health, hygiene, recovery, and comfort.  Like many in the healthcare profession, CNAs played pivotal roles over the last two years of the pandemic. During such a challenging, overwhelming time, it can be easy for some things to fall through the cracks—especially when it comes to licensing and renewals. How long does CNA certification last in the first place? 


If you find yourself trying to reorient your priorities, your license and certification should top the list. Without you, long-term care facilities and assisting living centers just would not be the same. You are the heart and soul that put the “care” in “healthcare”. If your certification expired or it’s time to review for 2022, we can help you with those first steps!

How Long Is a CNA Certification Good For? 

CNA certifications are valid for up to 24 months in most states. Nurse’s aides must show proof of paid work in a licensed nursing home or facility to renew credentials. In Pennsylvania, you will need to complete 48-hours of in-service training within 2 years. You will also need to provide at least one day of paid service to maintain active status as you renew your CNA license.

How Long Does a CNA License Last? 

If you are getting back to work or currently working but keep putting off renewal, just check the issue date! A CNA license is valid for two years from its issue date. Requirements to renew can vary by state, so make sure any next steps are state compliant.

What Is Required to Renew My CNA License? 

Requirements for CNA license renewals do not fall under one nationwide standard. Before doing anything, contact your state board to clarify your requirements. These requirements typically include working for an employer for a specific amount of time or completing continued education (CE) courses. 

Since every state is different, always check with the board first! In some cases, an evaluation test will do the trick. If your state offers these evaluation tests, your license will renew if you pass. 

For example, in Pennsylvania, you would need to complete a state-approved nurse aide training program. You will also need to take a competency evaluation exam within 24 months of the program’s completion.

I Couldn’t Renew My License! What Should I Do? 

If you can’t renew your expired license, you may need to register for a new CNA class. It’s an extra step, but you will have to retrain and pass your certification exam to obtain a license. 


As a reminder, CNA certifications last for upwards of two years. Certification is renewable upon submission of a renewal form and fee. This is contingent on if the CNA maintained employment during this time. The eligible number of employment hours differs by state, so check in with your state board first! If you’re having trouble renewing your license, you may be falling short of these qualifications. 


Certification renewals after long periods of expiration are not impossible. There are a few extra steps, but those are just a few steps between you and reinvigorating your career. They are also similar to the initial steps for getting certified in the first place! If someone you know is interested in following in your footsteps, now is the time to do it together. Reach out to CynaMed today for more details or if you have additional questions.


CynaMed places RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Certified Med Techs in Western PA and is the first locally-owned staffing agency with Joint Commission Certification. Visit us today for more information or to get started on your new career path.



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