What Type of Salary Does a Med Tech Earn?

Nursing jobs are always in high demand, and there are a number of roles available to those who are interested. Many positions, like RNs or LPNs, require extensive training and certification. For those who lack this certification, though, working as a medication technician can be a good way to start out. If you are considering this position, you probably want to know what the average medication technician salary looks like. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from a job as a med tech.

What Are a Med Tech’s Responsibilities?

The primary medication technician responsibility is administering medication to patients. Med techs are responsible for making sure that patients receive the correct medication and proper dosage each day.

A med tech’s job does not involve as much hands-on care as that of a Licensed Practical Nurse, for instance. However, med techs in nursing facilities still typically assist LPNs with their tasks throughout the day. While a med tech’s main duty involves administering medication, they also provide patient support when and where it is appropriate. But as med techs are not always certified nurses, these responsibilities are not as intensive. However, working as a med tech can be a great option for somebody looking to advance their career in healthcare.

What Is an Average Med Tech Salary?

How much money a med tech makes will depend on several factors. Experience, certifications, and setting all can impact a med tech’s salary. While med tech certification is not as extensive as it is for other nursing roles, there is still a certification process. Of course, there is nothing stopping a medication technician from receiving other certifications while they work as well.

The typical starting salary in the state of Pennsylvania is around $15-16 per hour. This figure is right around the national average salary for med techs. This rate can increase if the individual is experienced or possesses additional certifications. For instance, a more experienced Med Tech could start at around $18 per hour. These rates, of course, are only an average, and certain healthcare facilities might offer a different rate than others.

The average med tech salary is lower than the average salary for other nursing positions. However, this is because LPNs, CNAs, and RNs are all required to receive much more certification than med techs are.

Medication Technician Job Prospects

Many medication technicians use their job as an entryway into a nursing career. Working as a med tech is a great way to get first-hand experience working in healthcare. Many people choose to pursue further nursing certifications while working as a medication technician. In this way, working as a med tech is a great stepping stone for other jobs in the nursing industry. For instance, you can earn your LPN or CNA certification while working as a med tech. Once you do this, your med tech experience and certification can raise your salary in other positions. 

Finding a job as a medication technician can be a satisfying long-term plan for some. For others, it can serve as a great stepping stone into a career in other nursing roles.

Med Tech Jobs and Resources

If working as a medication technician appeals to you, CynaMed can help place you in your ideal position. CynaMed is a Western Pennsylvania healthcare staffing agency that connects qualified nurses to jobs that suit their needs. With nursing jobs in high demand, CynaMed strives to aid the healthcare community through ideal job placements. Visit our Med Tech resources page to learn more about working as a medication technician. Or, contact us today to get started on finding the right nursing job for you.

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