How long does it take to become a Med Tech?

In short, it can take a few days to a few weeks to become a certified Medication Technician (Med Tech). Receiving a degree or nursing license is completely optional. That’s because Med Techs can receive basic training to start their career in the healthcare profession. Here is how:

Created to Jumpstart Your Career in Healthcare

There are plenty of people interested in joining healthcare, but not everyone is qualified for the position. After all, not everyone has the educational level, time, or finances required to become a registered nurse. The Med Tech position was offered as an alternative to this dilemma. 

The level of care required in assisted living and personal care isn’t as high compared to that of other opportunities. This is why the position doesn’t require a nursing license. As a Med Tech, you will be required to distribute medications to patients, aid in tasks, and provide overall assistance and care in assisted living homes.

Med Tech vs. Nursing

Both Med Techs and nurses are responsible for the care of their patients. However, their level of expertise in the field is different.

While both administer medications, nurse positions will perform other nursing duties. For example, they may care for wounds and check patient health. On the other hand, Med Techs do not work in lab facilities; their duties align with their level of expertise.

Pennsylvania Med Tech Training

Pennsylvania has offered a Med Tech training and certification program. This program provides unlicensed medical staff the opportunity to properly administer medications. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to receive the certification.

Once you receive your certification, there are opportunities to work to earn additional certifications! Additionally, you must be observed every 6 months by an authorized PA State Med Tech Trainer to retain your certification.


One of the advantages of being a Med Tech is that there are plenty of specialties and career path opportunities. Some examples include:

  • Hospital Specialist
  • Pharmacy Specialist
  • Personal Care/Assisted Living Specialist

The amount of time will depend on which field you choose to develop yourself professionally. To learn more about the different specialties, visit Cynamed.

You can find out more about how to become a technician or explore healthcare job postings. Just Reach out to CynaMed Healthcare Staffing Solutions. We are here to help you succeed in your medical career.

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