What are the Highest-Paid Specialties for LPNs?

One of the good things about choosing to be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is that it provides many opportunities for career specialization. Whether you are just starting or have years of experience and are looking to move your career forward, what are some of the areas of specialization available, and which LPN jobs pay the highest salaries?

What are some of the duties of LPNs?

The duties of an LPN include:

  • Monitoring patients’ health
  • Administering basic health care
  • Providing to the basic needs of patients, such as helping them eat, bathe and get dressed
  • Reporting on a patient’s condition to doctors and senior nurses
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Collecting samples for lab analysis

This experience will serve you well when you decide on a specialization.

Where are the highest-paying jobs for LPNs?

Right now, the states offering the highest annual LPN salaries, all between $50,000 and $55,000, are Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, and Alaska. 

How much can you make as an LPN in a Nursing Care Facility?

Nursing homes and long-term adult care facilities are big employers of LPNs. The average salary for an LPN going to work in a nursing home is $43,000 to $44,000 annually.

What is the annual salary for an LPN working in a doctor’s office?

The average annual for an LPN who works in doctors’ offices, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, or emergency medical centers is around $30,000.

How much can an LPN earn in Home Health Care?

Home health care LPNs provide care to patients in their homes. The average annual salary is around $43,000.

Where can I find the best LPN jobs?

CynaMed HealthCare Staffing Solutions is here to help you take your LPN career to the next level. At Cynamed, we have top-paying positions for LPNs and other healthcare professionals in Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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