Who Has More Authority: a CNA or an LPN?

Both Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) perform similar roles in the nursing profession, but there are several differences between the two when it comes to responsibilities, education, and salary.  While an LPN may not have more authority than a CPN (both answer to RNs), the additional responsibilities and education of an LPN often place them in more of a leadership role.

How do you become a CNA?

Both positions require at least a High School diploma or GED.

CNAs must complete a 4 to 12 week CNA training program and then pass an exam to get their certification.

How do you become an LPN?

To become an LPN, you must enroll in an LPN nursing program, which usually takes about a year to complete. You can also earn an associate’s LPN degree, which takes about two years. You must then pass the NCLEX-PN exam to get your license.

What are the responsibilities of a CNA vs. an LPN?

CNAs provide basic patient care (feeding, dressing, grooming, and more) while LPNs provide basic nursing care (patient care, taking vitals, administering medications, collecting samples, and more).

Who makes more money?

Because of their additional education, LPN jobs usually pay more than CNA jobs. They also offer more opportunities for specialization and career advancement, especially with an associate’s nursing degree.

Do CNAs answer to LPNs?

Because of their extra training, LPNs often play a senior role in delivering basic patient care. CNA provides basic patient care under the supervision of an LPN or RN.  LPNs enjoy more autonomy. CNAs are expected to make LPNs and RNs aware of any changes in a patient’s condition.

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