What Factors Indicate if an LPN Program Is Worth Your Money? 

Are you looking forward to becoming an LPN but are not sure what program to invest your money in?

It’s essential to complete a year-long program at an accredited school to become a licensed practical nurse. Nursing education is not cheap, but it is a requirement that you cannot get around. Finding the best program that suits your goals will be money well spent.

How do I know if an LPN program is accredited?

It is essential to find an accredited LPN program. Your state’s Board of Nursing or Licensing Agency approval garners an accredited status.  Visit Pennsylvania’s Licensing Boards list of accredited LPN programs. Approved nursing education programs guarantee that you are getting a quality education. If your LPN program is through an institute not on this list, it would be best to investigate other options. Do not spend money on education that does not pass your state’s board of licensing approval. 

How much should I spend?

A nursing student enrolled in an LPN program can typically expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $18,000. The top LPN programs in the country are upwards of $50,000. If these prices look daunting, don’t fret. There are financial aid options available through most accredited colleges. You can also apply for grants, scholarships, and loans through government assistance or private companies.  

Choosing what’s right for you

Not everyone can invest thousands of dollars into LPN programs. If you cannot attend a top LPN program, completing another one that fits your time and budget is satisfactory. If you are serious about your nursing education, there are free educational tools online.  CynaMed has dedicated a section of its website to free LPN learning resources. There you will gain access to video blogs tailored to LPNS from experienced nurses. Start your journey to becoming an LPN today!

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