What Are the Consequences of Failing to Renew Your CNA License? 

Will my certified nursing assistant (CAN) license expire? Yes, your CNA License has an expiration date.  You can find this by looking at your physical license.

How can I renew my CNA license? 

According to the Certified Nursing License website, you should get your license renewed as soon as you are in the renewal process.  Waiting too long to renew your license could result in missing something that could jeopardize your licensure. Plus, you will need to pay a renewal fee.  You might have to show proof of employment, pass a background check, and possibly pass continuing educational classes. It’s essential to review the requirements per your state.  Then you will complete a renewal application.

What if I don’t renew my license on time?  

CynaMed explains that if you do not get your CNA license renewed, you will be unable to continue working as a licensed CNA.  You will get a delinquency fee upon renewal.  If you continue to work without a CNA license renewal, the respective authorities can hold you responsible for hefty fees and penalties from your state’s licensing board or licensing authority. 

How to reinstate my CNA license?  

If you allow your license to expire, there are options to renew it immediately. Also, if there has been little time and you are in the grace period of your expiration date, you can complete the renewal process with an added late charge.  If it has been two years since your expiration date, your license is considered null and void. You will need to contact your licensing authority. Also, you will need to complete the CNA training process again.  You will need to pass skill tests, and through this process, you will garner an up-to-date CNA license. Cynamed will be happy to help continue your career journey by finding a new position that is perfect for your needs. Apply at Cynamed today!

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