What Is the Fastest and Best Way to Become a CNA?

The fastest and best way to become a CNA is to find the Certified Nursing Assistant education program that best fits your specific needs.

First, take a look at the approved CNA education programs in the state of Pennsylvania on this list: Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs in Pennsylvania by county.

Choosing the Right Certification Program

After looking at your options, compare programs for features that are important to you. One of those factors should be the length of the program. You can become a CNA with a minimum of 80 hours. Nevertheless, the Pennsylvania Department of Education recommends a combined total of 130 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. In other words, the fastest way to becoming a CNA is not always the best option. 

Try to find a CNA certification program that not only fits your needs but strikes the delicate balance between fast and high-quality. If you have the time to invest in a better education, use it. If you need to get the certification as fast as possible, then your best option may be to choose an 80-hour program. Use the list above to check the number of program hours.

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider are reputation, location, cost, schedule, and whether they include specialty certifications. These certifications may include BBP, HIPPA, or CPR. They may be disciplinary specialties like phlebotomy or hospice care. You may also want to choose a program that includes a CNA exam preparatory course. All of these specifics will determine the best and fastest way for you, as an individual, to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

After completing your education, take the CNA exam to get your Certified Nursing Assistant license and land CNA jobs.

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